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LAYOUT TOUR: Port Haney Brick & Tile Company (Construction Photos)

Back in January of 2020, I designed a track plan for the Marble Mountain Quarry Company, which was done in HOn30 to fit in a 9x13-inch display case. David Fugere decided to build a micro layout using the track plan, but he had to increase to increase the size to 10x14-inches, so he could use the equipment he had on hand. After seeing...

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Sn3 SCALE: Sissiboo Lumber Company

It had been quite some time since I did a track plan for a logging railway, so when a member of the Micro/Small Model RR Layouts group requested an logging themed layout done in Sn3 and set in the Pacific-Northwest, I knew that I would not be able to resist. The only problem was that doing the 3D vertical scenery required for such a layout takes a lot...

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TAGS: Design Feature: Switch-Back, Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Theme: Logging Railway, Theme: Narrow Gauge Railway, USA (Regions): Northwest, Types of Industries: Logging Camps

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HO SCALE: New York Central (Eastbrooke Branch)

The is the freelanced Eastbrooke Branch owned and operated by the New York Central. My client want an HO-scale layout with 28-inch minimum radius on the mainline, to fit his 116"x118" space. The theme of the layout was to be an end of the line town with an small coal mine, set in either northern Pennsylvania, or southern New York...

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N SCALE: Norfolk Southern (Switching Layout)

This is a modern-era freelance Norfolk Southern N-scale switching layout loosely based on NS lines in eastern Pennsylvania. The track plan is designed to fit in a 8'8" x 11'8" L-shaped space using 18-wide shelves and 12-inch minimum radius. The design also has a continuous run option that will be used as...

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On30 SCALE: Mosher's Stone Quarry & Cutting Mill

This was started back in October of 2021 for a client that wanted a stone cutting and finishing company done in On30 scale using a 15-inch minimum radius with PECO Setrack #2 turnouts. My client had a 7x8-foot corner space that could be used to depict the complex set somewhere in the 1920s to 1940s era range, using small locos and...

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COMMENTARY: Copyright Question and Fair Use

I was asked on my JoMRD Facebook group if it was considered an infringement of copyright or illegal to copy someone's designs from online without making changes to the track plan. For anyone with that same question, I will provide this reply. All the track plans posted to my blog are here for others to use as a starting point to...

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N SCALE: Brighton Avenue Industrial Spurs

About a month ago, a member of my JoMRD Facebook group was looking for ideas for an N-scale layout on a 1x8-foot board. He didn't want any more than 3 industries, so I suggested a modern shipping/receiving warehouse, a food processing plant, and a transload/team track. The track plan I suggested was only done in 2D, but it gave a good...

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HO SCALE: Nova Scotia Railway (NSRY)

I decide that I was going to start 2022 by finally building a small switching layout for myself. So on Christmas Eve, a 1x12 foot shelf was attached to a wall in my old photography studio, using two hollow core doors. I then started going back thru some of my old designs, and stumbled on a layout I designed back in August of 2018...

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HO SCALE: Cascade Paper Recycling Plant

This track plan was done for a client back in December. When he contacted me, he was looking for a pulp and paper mill to fit in his 18x84-inch space. He also dropped a bit of a challenge on me to squeeze in as much track as I could, since his interests focused mainly on switching puzzles in the past. Since my client left the track...

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HO SCALE: Rumington Industrial District

Back in December of 2021, a member of my JoMRD Facebook group introduced me to the Pompano spur in Florida, and I gave him some feedback and help with a track plan to fit his 66x96-inch space on 12-inch wide shelf. I was quite impressed with the area depicted in the prototype, and I wanted to create a layout for a generic industrial park based on...

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