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Custom Layout Design Work (New Prices as of February 20, 2023):

As of February 20, 2023 my prices for custom layout design work have changed. For 2D track plans alone, I charge $1.00CAD per square foot per level with a minimum fee of $250CAD. For track plans that also include 3D renderings for the design, I charge $3.00CAD per square foot per level with a minimum fee of $350CAD. My minimum fee must be paid in advance through PayPal. If there is a balance owing after the initial payment, that must be paid after the final draft of the track plan is approved, and before I start mocking up the design in 3D (if required). I don't usually charge extra for modifications to my initial draft. As long as the number of edits is reasonable, I will keep revising the plan until you're completely happy with it. I will also keep you in the loop at each stage of the design, and I don't move forward until I get the go-ahead from you, just so there are no misunderstandings.

*Extra Charges: