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USA (States): North Carolina

Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Updated Friday, February 03, 2023 at 22:13:29 AST.)

Friday, February 03, 2023

On30 SCALE: Palmetto Brick Company Railway

Back in 2017 I found a thread on another railway related forum that highlighted the Palmetto Brick Company's railway located in Wallace, South Carolina. The 3-foot gauge line used small 8-ton Plymouth locomotive to haul steel side-dump clay cars from its quarry to the brick kilns, which were still in service at that time...

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TAGS: Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Theme: Industrial Railway, Theme: Narrow Gauge Railway, Type: 3 Turnout Layout, Type: Based on Actual Location(s), USA (States): North Carolina, American Railways: Palmetto Brick Company Ry, Types of Industries: Clay Processing Plants, Types of Industries: Quarries

Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Updated Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 14:56:00 ADT.)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

HO SCALE: Tallulah Falls Railway (Cornelia, GA, to Franklin, NC)

Back in October of 2014, I was asked by a member of a railway forum to help design a big basement layout based in the Tallulah Falls Railway in HO scale. The railway ran from Cornelia, GA, where it interchanged with the Southern Ry, to Franklin, NC. At first, the owner just wanted to model the line from Cornelia to...

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TAGS: Layout Size: Large Layouts, Staging Options: Staging Yards, Theme: Regional / Short Line Railway, Type: Based on Actual Location(s), USA (States): Georgia, USA (States): North Carolina, American Railways: Tallulah Falls Ry

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

SHORTLINES: Warrenton Railroad Company (1871-1985)

To get a complete story as to why the Warrenton Railroad came into existence, we must travel back to 1838, when the proposed right-of-way for the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad (R&G) was being surveyed through Warren County with the intentions of laying track through the county seat of Warrenton. Although railroads were starting to prove...

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TAGS: Theme: Regional / Short Line Railway, USA (States): North Carolina, American Railways: Warrenton Railroad Company , Articles: Railway You Can Model