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Canada (Provinces): British Columbia

Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Updated Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 15:46:30 AST.)

O SCALE: Canadian Pacific Rail Barge Scene in Proto48

Here is something a little different. It is a 3'x10' layout (with a staging cassette added) done in O-scale of a rail barge operation. One possible locale for the scene would be on the Canadian Pacific somewhere in British Columbia in the mid 1970s. If I was doing the layout, I would try using Proto48 standards, since I...

2019.10.14B-001.gif (30682 bytes)

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TAGS: Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Staging Options: Car Float, Staging Options: Cassette Staging, Theme: Single Station / Town, Theme: Waterfront, Type: 3 Turnout Layout, Type: Beginner Layout, Type: No Run-Around Track, Canada (Provinces): British Columbia, Canadian Railways: Canadian Pacific Ry

Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Updated Thursday, March 03, 2022 at 22:18:11 AST.)

N SCALE: West Coast Pulp Company

The modern-day N-scale layout depicting the West Coast Pulp Company was designed for a client to fit on two 2-foot by 4½-foot modules. The layout is proto-freelance and based on western Canada coastal pulp mills with incoming traffic being introduced by a rail barge. My client wanted a pulp and paper mill, a general office building...

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TAGS: Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Staging Options: Car Float, Theme: Industrial Railway, Theme: Single Industry, Canada (Provinces): British Columbia, Types of Industries: Pulp and Paper Mills