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Articles: Minimalist Approach to Layout Design

Posted in Articles by Rob Chant. (Updated Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 15:17:25 AST.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

ARTICLE: A case study in the minimalist approach

There was some talk on a Facebook group where I am a member about taking a minimalist approach to layout design. I welcomed the debate because it is a trend that I do believe should be followed when designing a layout. As others had mentioned during the discussions, taking a minimalist approach can be very rewarding, if you also take the time...

2020.01.04S-001.gif (37259 bytes)

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TAGS: Layout Size: Small Layouts, Staging Options: Staging Yards, Theme: End of Line Station, Theme: Regional / Short Line Railway, Theme: Single Station / Town, Type: Based on Actual Location(s), Type: No Run-Around Track, USA (States): Wisconsin, American Railways: Escanaba & Lake Superior RR, Articles: Minimalist Approach to Layout Design

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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

HO SCALE: Allied Manufacturing Company (Single Industry Design)

I just completed this design for a client who wanted a HO-scale layout of a modern single industry using an Inglenook. The space available was a generous 16-inch by 9-feet but the layout had to be self contained without any additional staging tracks or add-ons. Although my client hasn't determined what type of industry he will eventually model, I decided...

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TAGS: Layout Size: Mini Layouts, Theme: Single Industry, Theme: Switching Operations, Type: 2 Turnout Layout, Type: Inglenook, Type: No Run-Around Track, Articles: Minimalist Approach to Layout Design, Types of Industries: Manufacturing Plant