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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Thursday, March 05, 2020 at 21:00:32 AST.)

HO SCALE: Fallen Flags RR

This 18-inch by 60-inch HO-scale switching layout was designed for a member of a railway forum I frequent and and his freelanced Fallen Flags RR during the transition era. The owner wanted the layout set in more of a Midwest locale, but I couldn't find a backdrop that I was happy with, so I moved it east a bit. My client wanted a stockyard, a meat packing plant, a brewery, a grain terminal, and a scrap metal yard included in the plan. It took me a while to develop a track arrangement with a run-around track that worked with all those industries, but with the use of two PECO small wyes, I was able to find a way. It is a bit of an advanced time-saver design, but it worked out well, and doesn't appear too cramped.

Track Plan:

2020.03.01A-001.gif (29864 bytes)

Overall 3D Renderings:

2020.03.01A-002.jpg (253285 bytes)

2020.03.01A-003.jpg (194235 bytes)

Close-Up 3D Renderings:

2020.03.01A-004.jpg (249019 bytes)

2020.03.01A-005.jpg (375275 bytes)

2020.03.01A-006.jpg (284828 bytes)

2020.03.01A-007.jpg (322882 bytes)

TAGS: Design Feature: Drop Down, Theme: End of Line Station, Layout Size: Mini Layouts, Theme: Single Station / Town

User Comments:

Posted by Ryan P Sabo on Wednesday, March 04, 2020 at 12:01:38 PM.

Wow! That's a lot of HO in 18"x60"! I like the choice of industries and the operations available. Amazing that it still feels open and rural. Nicely done!

Posted by Robert Chant on Thursday, March 05, 2020 at 9:00:32 PM.

Thanks Ryan ... this one was done for a member of the Micro/Small Model RR Layouts Facebook group and he presented both the footprint of the layout and the industries to include. Everyone once in a while I take on some design requests from the group, since the forum is restricted to layouts 32-square feet or less, and I have a huge liking for smaller layout designs. There are probably 80 or so designs in the file area of the group that will eventually make their way onto this blog.

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