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This is a draft copy of the Time Table I plan to use on my On30-scale Sydney & Louisburg Coal & Railway Company layout. It actually took me a while to come up with a working version of this, and my original version had eight daily trains (four in each direction) to handle the daily traffic load. I used the operating mode of 3rd PlanIt to test if scheduling eight trains was practical, and I soon learned that I would run into problems rather quickly. I adjusted my traffic generating software, and lower traffic level to six trains, but even that was taxing my layout too much. I then had to make a tough decision to reduce freight traffic further. Once the adjustments were made, traffic could be handled with just four trains, although I am still keeping the option to run extras. Operating the layout in 3rd PlanIt with the reduced traffic was actually very relaxing, just the target I wanted to hit. I can't wait to see how all that planning translates to the real world.

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