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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Monday, October 21, 2019 at 12:42:00 ADT.)

HO SCALE: Dominion Steel & Coal Corporation (DOSCO) at Sydney, Nova Scotia

Back in 2005, I fooled myself into believing that I knew enough about making steel that I could actually build a layout to represent the industry. I did a bit of a research and knew I wanted to include as many steps in the process as I could. I not only wanted the blast furnace, but also the import system for the raw materials and waste disposal as well.

There was once a steel mill close to where I lived in Sydney, Nova Scotia, about 10 miles away from my home. I decided to model the mill in the late 1950s when it was known as the Dominion Steel & Coal Corporation (DOSCO), and made a lot of different products.

At that time, DOSCO imported iron ore from Newfoundland by boat, coal for coke came off the Sydney & Louisburg Railway (S&L) and everything else came in via the Canadian National Ry (CNR), with out-going shipments leaving by the CNR and by boat.

What would make this layout fun to operate are the routes needed to get the raw material from their import points, to where they are need and returning empties on the reverse path. I designed the layout so most raw materials would have to take quite a convoluted path thru the plant, since there are not a lot of short cuts. This layout could certainly keep a few operators busy for a few hours.

Track Plan:

2019.10.21F-001.gif (80594 bytes)

TAGS: Theme: Industrial Railway, Design Feature: Interchange, Design Feature: Loads In / Out, Layout Size: Medium Layouts, Theme: Single Industry, Canada (Provinces): Nova Scotia, Canadian Railways: Dominion Steel & Coal Corporation (DOSCO), Types of Industries: Coke Plant, Types of Industries: Steel Plant

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