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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Sunday, February 06, 2022 at 1:36:55 AST.)

Sn3 SCALE: Sissiboo Lumber Company

It had been quite some time since I did a track plan for a logging railway, so when a member of the Micro/Small Model RR Layouts group requested an logging themed layout done in Sn3 and set in the Pacific-Northwest, I knew that I would not be able to resist. The only problem was that doing the 3D vertical scenery required for such a layout takes a lot of time, and I only had so much time to devote to each of these requests. In the end, I had to regrettable settle for just mocking up a 2D track plan with my suggestions for the space.

The foot print of the space was 24x96 inches and the member wanted a log loading point, a small sawmill, with lots of trees, many bridges, and water included. I felt to get the best use of the space, the layout had to be split down the middle with the different scenes placed on opposite sides of the backdrop. This allowed for a sawmill at Sissiboo Landing and where supplies also come in by steamers plying Lake Sissiboo (Sis-a-boo). The line then runs from the sawmill to a log reload point to the north at Big Stump via a switchback. At the reload site, logs come in either by truck or are loaded directly from a boom in North Lake. The reload point also serves as the supply point (via the small wharf) to all logging camps around the lake.

Track Plan:

2021.06.27B-001.gif (42866 bytes)

TAGS: Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Theme: Logging Railway, Theme: Narrow Gauge Railway, Design Feature: Switch-Back, USA (Regions): Northwest, Types of Industries: Logging Camps

User Comments:

Posted by Rob Hupfield on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 5:33:18 PM.

Hi Rob,

This is a really lovely design for a small layout. It’s quite elegant!

It could be easily adapted to other themes too. I can imagine it as a mine (at Big Stump) and a concentrator (at Sissiboo Landing) which in turn loads directly to boats or even another (perhaps standard gauge) railway. Lots of prototype examples of this. Other industries could work well too! Maybe we can coax you into trying the same plan with other themes.

So much operating potential in the design. Lots of traffic between two opposed “Inglenook Sidings” type arrangements, with the added puzzle of how to run-around between the two. It would be fun to operate solo, and with two operators each could take a side and use the tunnel as an interchange track. Lynn Westcott’s “Switchman’s Nightmare” design is another in the same genre. Fun!

It’s interesting comparing the plan with your excellent micro design, “Port Haney Brick & Tile Co”. They are both essentially the same basic plan, with the tiny turntable on the micro providing the same function as the runaround on the larger Sissiboo design. Comparing the two is an excellent case study in how to effectively stretch or shrink a plan to fit a different space. Maybe comparing the two could be another post for your great blog.

Very minor constructive criticism regarding the log pond at Sissiboo Landing: the log pond probably needs a log barrier (ie, floating logs chained together) so the regular steamer can access the wharf without having to deal with a pile of feral logs. And the log dump probably wouldn’t extend under the log jack into the sawmill, as dumping logs there might tend to knock the jack ramp bents out. These are just very minor drawing details in an excellent design.

Thanks for sharing all these terrific plans, Rob! Sorry to hear you’re having to deal with a surge of spam.

With best regards,

Posted by Rob Chant on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 6:11:50 PM.

Hi Rob ... thanks for the critique ... and the additional info ... much appreciated. Take care, Rob.

Posted by R. Kutz on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 7:44:55 AM.

So, if this layout is supposed to be set in the Pacific Northwest of the US, why is it named after a Canadian river in Nova Scotia, 3600 miles away from anyplace NW ? LOL.

Using this trackplan in a virtual recreation in the train simulator, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019. Very fun

Posted by Rob Chant on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 8:27:56 AM.

LOL ... maybe because I live in Nova Scotia, 3600 miles away ... and I have used that name before ... many of my track plans include names (both places and industries) from Nova Scotia ... glad you're having fun with the plan.

Posted by R. Kutz on Saturday, February 05, 2022 at 9:25:40 PM.

Soooooo. I have turned this trackplan into a Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 layout. It's available if you own the sim.
It's about 2 months work, on and off. Lot's of my own models in the layout.

Here's a promo video I put together for the layout release. It is a bit long at 13 minutes, but it does show the layout well, and a typical log shunt run. I do hope you enjoy :)

Posted by Rob Chant on Sunday, February 06, 2022 at 1:36:55 AM.

That video and your 3D rendering of the track plan was absolutely stunning! After seeing it, I really want to build this layout! Your vision far exceeded my expectations ... thanks for sharing your work!

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