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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 2:02:00 AST.)

O SCALE: Pickering Valley Feed & Farm Supply Co.

I was asked by member of the Micro/Small Layout group to offer some suggestions for an 20x72-inch extension off his existing circa late 1950's O-scale layout. He wanted to keep trackage to a minimum with an industry suitable for Pennsylvania , southern New York, or West Virginia that was served by box cars and flat cars.

In the end, we settle on a supply company of some sort, and I decided to go with a farm feed and supply company. What I depicted in the space is a company that receives bagged feed, bulk feed, and supplies in box cars, and also receives lumber via a loading dock on flat cars and in box cars. I also made room for two vertical storage tanks, just in case the owner wanted to ship in liquid fertilizer in tank cars as well.

My client wasn't settled on which structure to use for the industry, so I use Walther's Sunrise Feeds as a placeholder, and also added a concrete unloading dock with a deck crane. Since the layout owner was interested in my ideas for detailing the scene, I also offered some suggestion for what else could be modeled in the space.

I keep the design rather simple, since the connection made between this extension and the existing layout has not been determined yet. The owner may also have to adjust the frog number on the one turnout shown, depending on the connecting track.

2021.02.14A-001.gif (35732 bytes)

2021.02.14A-002.jpg (356132 bytes)

2021.02.14A-003.jpg (306840 bytes)

2021.02.14A-004.jpg (314690 bytes)

2021.02.14A-005.jpg (352688 bytes)

TAGS: Type: 1 Turnout Layout, Layout Size: Micro Layouts, Type: No Run-Around Track, Theme: Single Industry, USA (States): Pennsylvania

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