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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Wednesday, February 03, 2021 at 7:33:24 AST.)

N SCALE: North Kensington

I was asked by a member of the Micro/Small Model RR Layouts to do a single town scene in N-scale on a hollow core door. However, by the time I had finally gotten around to designing the layout, the member had left the group, so I never made contact again. I decided to go ahead with the design anyway, but I didn't put as much detail or effort into this as I usually do (it is pretty much just a rough draft). The layout owner wanted something set in the transition era with a lot of options for industries, and he also wanted some staging for both passenger and freight trains.

Track Plan:

2020.05.09G-001.gif (38813 bytes)

Overall 3D Renderings:

2020.05.09G-002.jpg (247422 bytes)

Close-Up 3D Renderings:

2020.05.09G-003.jpg (340156 bytes)

2020.05.09G-004.jpg (350335 bytes)

2020.05.09G-005.jpg (310618 bytes)

2020.05.09G-006.jpg (346089 bytes)

TAGS: Design Feature: Continuous Run Option, Layout Size: Mini Layouts, Theme: Single Station / Town, Staging Options: Staging Yards

User Comments:

Posted by Mike Coss on Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 9:10:38 PM.

I really like N Scale.on a door! MRM did an article "Dallas on a Door" which gave the best of both worlds, continuous running and switching. You have several plans here which are appealing for the same reason. Thanks Bob

Posted by Robert Chant on Monday, June 22, 2020 at 6:21:21 AM.

Hi Mike ... both of the track plans you commented on were actually more popular than I had expected ... this one in particular was built by a few people (or at least started). Although I never modeled in N-scale, I can certainly see the attraction with how much can be modeled in a modest space. I don't remember the "Dallas on a Door" layout you mentioned.

Posted by Corey Hayes on Tuesday, February 02, 2021 at 3:04:47 PM.

Hi Robert I just found your site the other day and I really like that you focus a lot on smaller more realistic layout sizes. When it comes time to make a new layout I will be in contact until then I will be following along.

Posted by Robert Chant on Wednesday, February 03, 2021 at 7:33:24 AM.

Hi Corey,

Thanks for kinds words. There is some much a modelers can do in a small space and if they would embrace prototypical operating practices it would be enhanced even further. I have a lot of modeling interests, so I think building a few smaller projects might be the best option for me.

Take care,

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