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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 14:11:37 ADT.)

HO SCALE (6-foot Broad Gauge): Middleburgh & Schoharie RR in Proto87

I was asked by a member of a railway forum to design a layout based on the Middleburgh & Schoharie RR during its 6-foot gauge era. Although the client only wanted a freelance railway using a combined time saver design and inglenook, I thought that Middleburgh would make an excellent single station LDE design after I did a bit of research. I found an early 1900s map of the town (see below), and a few pictures that showed the station, but that was all I could uncover.

I decided to base my design on the map I found, and just used generic structures for the industry base. I realize that my structures aren't correct for a 1876 era layout, but without having more info, I had to settle for what I had available which I consider just placeholders. I stuck with as many of the client's other Givens & Druthers and went with the board gauge track and equipment. I also stuck with the 24" x 96" dimensions he quoted, but had to also add a staging cassette to make it all work.

Track Plan:

2019.10.12O-001.gif (27342 bytes)

Map of Middleburg:

2019.10.12O-Map.jpg (189218 bytes)

Overall views of the layout:

2019.10.12O-002.jpg (249727 bytes)

2019.10.12O-003.jpg (210841 bytes)

3D screen captures from the layout:

2019.10.12O-004.jpg (350758 bytes)

2019.10.12O-005.jpg (379982 bytes)

2019.10.12O-006.jpg (356370 bytes)

2019.10.12O-007.jpg (380701 bytes)

2019.10.12O-008.jpg (360866 bytes)

2019.10.12O-009.jpg (365128 bytes)

TAGS: Type: Based on Actual Location(s), Staging Options: Cassette Staging, Theme: End of Line Station, Layout Size: Mini Layouts, Theme: Single Station / Town, USA (States): New York, American Railways: Middleburgh & Schoharie RR

User Comments:

Posted by Isaac Fabris on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 5:28:34 PM.

Broad gauge! Now that's not something you see everyday... well done fitting the track diagram to the layout space.

Posted by Robert Chant on Monday, October 14, 2019 at 10:55:47 AM.

This was also a first for me, and there is also another layout design that used broad gauge as well, which I will post later. The hardest part was modifying my standard gauge locomotive to look right in the scene. It was so much work that I decided not to convert the rolling stock and you can see that the wheels of the railcars are falling between the rails in some of the close-ups.

Posted by Rob Chant on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 2:11:37 PM.

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