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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Sunday, March 08, 2020 at 12:56:00 ADT.)

HOn30 SCALE: The Island of Misfit Trains

This 2x7-foot transitional era HOn30 layout was done for a member of the Micro/Small Model RR Layouts group using Atlas code 80 turnouts and flex track. The owner dubbed the layout the mythical "Island of Misfit Trains" which would focus on the beer brewing industry on the shores of Lake Michigan. The owner wanted a hops farm, a wharf that would be used as fiddle staging for barges, a brew house, and a few other assorted buildings. Operations on the layout would see the wharf and barges as the source of all shipments coming on and off the railway. The hop farm will receive shipments of farm equipment, fertilizer, etc. The brewery would receive the hops and barley from the farm, as well as equipment from the barges. Export beer would be sent from the brewery warehouse to the docks while incoming shipments would be stored temporarily in the wharf warehouse until sent to their final destination. I also included an equipment repair shop to give more variety.

Track Plan:

2020.03.08G-001.gif (32135 bytes)

Overall 3D Renderings:

2020.03.08G-002.jpg (277196 bytes)

2020.03.08G-003.jpg (208287 bytes)

Close-Up 3D Renderings:

2020.03.08G-004.jpg (272096 bytes)

2020.03.08G-005.jpg (308908 bytes)

2020.03.08G-006.jpg (346291 bytes)

2020.03.08G-007.jpg (322147 bytes)

TAGS: Layout Size: Mini Layouts, Theme: Single Station / Town, Theme: Waterfront, USA (States): Michigan, Types of Industries: Breweries, Types of Industries: Wharves

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