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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Sunday, March 01, 2020 at 10:29:00 AST.)

N SCALE: Kinsey, Long & Northern RR

I was asked by a member of a railway forum to design an N-scale layout based on his proto-freelanced Kinsey, Long & Northern RR. The layout was L-shaped with each leg being 5-foot long, and 18-inches wide, and would depict a modern sawmill operation in Oregon. The layout owner wanted to model a sawmill, a woodchip loading area, and have places to spot box cars and center beam flatcars for loading (I didn't have any center beams in my library files, so I had to used bulkhead flats). My client also wanted to model incoming log traffic, so I had to include a log yard, although it is a lot smaller that it should be. Layout standards called for Atlas (code 55) turnouts and track with 20-inch curves.

Track Plan:

2020.03.01E-001.gif (57824 bytes)

Overall 3D Renderings:

2020.03.01E-002.jpg (212303 bytes)

Close-Up 3D Renderings:

2020.03.01E-003.jpg (239712 bytes)

2020.03.01E-004.jpg (207833 bytes)

2020.03.01E-005.jpg (208779 bytes)

2020.03.01E-006.jpg (251659 bytes)

2020.03.01E-007.jpg (256086 bytes)

2020.03.01E-008.jpg (292928 bytes)

2020.03.01E-009.jpg (250776 bytes)

2020.03.01E-010.jpg (259053 bytes)

TAGS: Layout Size: Compact Layouts, Theme: Industrial Railway, Design Feature: No Run-Around Track, Theme: Single Industry, USA (States): Oregon , Types of Industries: Sawmills

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