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Posted in Layout Designs by Rob Chant. (Last activity on Thursday, March 05, 2020 at 21:05:09 AST.)

HO SCALE: Port Arthur Belt Line Ry

Back in August of 2017, I was contacted to do a modern industrial switching layout (ISL) for a 13'x15' room. However, instead of cramming the space with a lot of industrial tracks, I convinced the layout owner to go with more of a branch line feel that offer a good variety of car types, with some very nice scenery and a good variety of structures. I kept the track work simple and straight forward, and provided two interchanges for staging. Although my client just wanted a generic layout and would decide on the locations and names of the railway later, I added some place names and identified the railways.

Track Plan:

2020.03.01D-001.gif (67392 bytes)

TAGS: Design Feature: Interchange, Layout Size: Medium Layouts, Theme: Regional / Short Line Railway

User Comments:

Posted by Ryan P Sabo on Wednesday, March 04, 2020 at 11:45:01 AM.

I like this layout design a lot, Rob. It has the feel of a bridge line and I like the use of visible Class I interchanges as staging. In addition to switching the online industries, you could have a through freight shuffling cars between the two Class I roads. The Williamsport & North Branch operated like this, bridging the Reading at Halls on the southern end of the line with the Lehigh Valley at Satterfield. The only revenue cars the W&NB owned were 100 coal hoppers. Everything else was foreign road. The track arrangement feels timeless... swap the industries and you could be in any decade of the 20th century. Lots of fun operations are possible.

Only suggestion would be a hard scene break between the north end of Stawford at the transload track and Plummer-east. Maybe an overpass? Just something to indicate the different towns. Or... consider it all the same town? It's really a great design. Very versatile. Could easily be a one-town layout too. Neat, neat, neat.

Posted by Robert Chant on Thursday, March 05, 2020 at 9:05:09 PM.

The overpass would be an excellent idea to serve as a scene separator because I did want to make it look like two towns with lapped passing tracks. I find myself going over my older designs for bigger layouts and removing a lot of track from the design and trying to make them more generic. I'm really just trying to show how a mainline would best fit in the space then hope people will "fill in" the towns with my more details smaller single station designs. I have a lot of 1st draft designs for larger "generic" layouts that have to be updated to my current standards.

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